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The Boat Race

Published since 2001 under the auspices of Oxford University Boat Club and Cambridge University Boat Club and The Oxford and Cambridge Rowing Foundation by P to M Limited

2004 will be the 150th Boat Race.
It will be sponsored by Aberdeen Asset Management

2003 Oxford President - Matt Smith (St Anne's College)
2003 Cambridge President - Tim Wooge (Peterhouse)
Oxford Coach - Sean Bowden
OUBC Treasurer - Lynton Richmond
Cambridge Coach - Robin Williams
CUBC Treasurer - Andrew Murison
Clubs' London Representative - Duncan Clegg
Race Director - Dominic Reid

Press Officer - Caroline Searle

For references to the very many others who contribute to The Boat Race, please see the Support Staff page, the Official Bodies menu on the Home page, the Other Links page and elsewhere on the site - as well as in the printed Race Programme and in the two Boat Clubs' websites and publications.

Race Office

P to M Ltd, owner and operator of this website, extends grateful thanks to all contributors.

June 10 2004 will be the 175th Anniversary of the first Boat Race in 1829. The 150th Boat Race is expected in 2004 too.

Race Office, Reid & Reid, One Queen's Road, Hertford, UK

Other Links

If you are closely involved in The Boat Race or a related event in any way and would like to make use of the site, or to be mentioned on the site, please email or use the Feedback service. When was the first time you saw the Race?

Two books have so far been approved for reproduction on the site, one from 1866 and the other from 1929. The first, Training In Theory and Practise by Maclaren, speaks for science, artichokes and open windows in pursuit of fitness. The other, 1929's Official Centenary History of the Boat Race from Gurdon, Drinkwater and Sanders, is an immaculate history of the first one hundred years up to Race number eighty-six, with a report on each. Transcribed Race Reports from that book are shown here in the Race Reports page. Twenty might come from Gordon Ross's book "The Story of the First Hundred Races between Oxford and Cambridge" (Hodder & Stoughton 1954) which we hope to reproduce here later, bringing the record up to 1954.

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