Next Race 150th Boat Race, March 28th 6pm sponsored by Aberdeen Asset Management
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Try your luck!

Whether you just enjoy a flutter on sporting events or think you have the inside track on this year's form, you can place a bet on the Boat Race with Betfair by clicking on the banner below.

Best Odds!

Betfair is unlike other betting services as there is no bookie involved!
With Betfair you can back or lay a bet. Back Oxford to win and should they come through you will receive your winnings as with any traditional bookie.
Lay a bet against Cambridge, however, and you can offer odds for other punters to back them.
Should the dark blue of Oxford triumph, you collect the backer's stake. But if the light blue of Cambridge crosses the line first then you pay out on those odds as a bookmaker might.

All betting is confidential and secure.