Next Race 150th Boat Race, March 28th 6pm sponsored by Aberdeen Asset Management
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Last updated 2 Nov 2003 - Low Graphics    

Helpful River Rules if you're planning to come and watch the Race.


Don't get too close
- the tidal stream is at its strongest during The Boat Race - stay well back from the edges.

Don't stand where the tide comes in
- The Boat Race takes place when the tide is rising - by the time the race starts all foreshore will be covered - don't take up viewing positions on the foreshore - they will become dangerous before the race passes.

Don't climb down
- steps cut into the embankment and the sloping stone revetments are slippery and dangerous - they also get overwhelmed by the wash of the followers.

Don't chase
- the Race moves too fast to follow it - don't try to chase on foot or bicycle.

Keep Off
- don't stand on the small private pontoons along the course - they are extremely unstable and not safe as a viewing point.


Look behind the boats
- the boats which follow the Race send out a severe wash which comes along well after the racing boats have passed - in many places it breaches the embankments - stay alert - look back down the course after the racing crews and followers have passed - those who have care of children or the infirm should ensure that they keep well back.

Stay still while the boats pass
- if viewing from a bridge don't cross the road to see the other side, the traffic is not stopped.

Get above the river
- try to find an elevated vantage point well back from the edge.

Wrap up warm
- and take a hot drink in a vacuum flask.

Get there in good time
- and ensure you cheer for the correct shade of Blue!.

Parents and teachers please read this guide from the PLA. Give a copy to someone else who might need it!

Thank you.