Next Race 150th Boat Race, March 28th 6pm sponsored by Aberdeen Asset Management
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The world famous broadcast from the Tideway brings the Boat Race to life.


In the UK, BBC Sport covers the Boat Race live every year on BBC ONE.
We will provide information about broadcasts outside of the UK as we receive it.


In the UK, BBC Radio Five Live will cover the Boat Race as it happens.


Real Video Only
If you cannot view the video please download basic RealOne player (the Free option is fine).

BBC Sport Outside Broadcast
Our video services are provided by BBC Sport

Closer to race day we will be able to provide links to the 150th Boat Race video streams.

To get to know the course, watch The Boat Race Course Guide

For the years gone by, try A video History of the Boat Race

Learn more about the individuals needed to make the team with the explanation of crew roles.

Watch Previous Races
These are recordings of previous races:
The 2003 Boat Race (56k)
The 2003 Boat Race (256k)
The 2002 Boat Race (56k)
The 2002 Boat Race (256k)
The 2001 Boat Race (56k)
The 2000 Boat Race (56k)
The 1999 Boat Race (56k)